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Our Company adheres to the principles of industrial (environmental), social and governance responsibility (ESG)

Our Company adheres to the principles of industrial (environmental), social and governance responsibility (ESG). However, realizing that simply adopting these principles is not enough, we strive for continuous growth and development, training and professional development of our employees so that they are aware of all ESG trends and apply new approaches and technologies in their activities.

So, Kassymbekova Bagzhan, the Manager for Sustainable Development/Ecology (ESG) tells about her trip to Atyrau with the environmentalists of the Samruk-Kazyna group of companies: “We visited the KUS gas turbine power plant, where we were shown the entire technological process of providing electricity and steam to the planned production facilities on the territory of the NIPT SEZ. We learned how the plant’s activities affect the environment and what measures are being taken to comply with environmental standards, reduce waste and emissions. Then we visited the office of Embamunaigas JSC, where we got acquainted with their work on reducing the negative impact on the environment and efficient use of resources”

At the same time, Bagzhan told about the measures initiated in her Company “Considering the trend to combat climate change, Samruk-Kazyna Ondeu LLP has developed and approved the Low-carbon Development Program, where the main goal is to determine climate ambitions of SKO LLP, generalization and systematization of the main approaches and actions in the field of carbon footprint reduction in the group of companies. This Program conforms to all the values and missions of the best practices on carbon neutrality. The strategic goal of the Partnership for 2023-2032 is to reduce the carbon footprint by 10% by 2032 as compared to the base year 2021.”

“I am convinced that solving the problem of climate change requires immediate and consistent actions, and business success should not be achieved at the expense of environmental damage,” Bagzhan says.

Ryssova Gaukhar, the Senior HSE Manager, took part in the XXIII International Congress, ORP (Occupational Risk Prevention), under the motto “At work: one life, one planet”, where speakers from all over the world discussed how work, people and the environment are interconnected.

And here’s what she says about it: “The main purpose of this Congress is to preserve the life and health of employees by discussing topical issues in the field of occupational safety, social and sustainable development, leadership and a culture of safe behavior at production sites, demonstrating innovative digital technologies for occupational safety, novelties in the field of personal protective equipment and equipment.

This is a global networking that promotes a full-scale exchange of experience between industry experts and participants from around the world.

About 1300 delegates attended the Congress in an offline format, more than 200 speakers, including representatives of the International Labor Organization (ILO), the World Health Organization (WHO), the International Social Security Association (ISSA), the European Agency for Safety and Health at Work (EASHW), the Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and others”.

When asked what can be used in the work of the SKO group of companies, and Gaukhar confidently said:

“The main industry trend discussed at the Congress today is the digital transformation of processes in the field of occupational safety, including robotics, the use of artificial intelligence. 

Yes, today the digitalization of labor protection processes is a modern challenge to reality.

And we at SK Ondeu will implement a digital platform - an operational action tool that will enable employees to actively participate in issues of occupational safety and the environment.

Our solution will permit recording the observations absolutely everywhere, will make it possible to attach photos and videos, and will also enable automation of the collection, submission, processing and further elimination of all comments in the field of occupational safety, thereby speeding up data exchange between the structural subdivisions of the group of companies.

Registration of potentially dangerous actions, conditions, as well as violations in one system will help to improve the work of occupational safety specialists, take timely measures to mitigate risks in the workplace, preserving the most valuable thing – the life and health of our employees.”

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