We are confident that acting ethically and responsibly is not only right, but also contributes to the development of the responsible and successful business environment.

Every day we strive to ensure that our interaction with partners, public authorities, employees and founders is carried out with respect and in accordance with the high standards of business ethics that we adhere to.

We comply with applicable laws and regulatory requirements that apply to our activities.

Our company respects the ethical standards of our partners.


The Code of Corporate Ethics applies to every employee of our company. The contractors, consultants, employees of the company, working temporarily or on a part-time basis, must be familiar with and fully meet the provisions of the Code of Corporate Ethics, acting on behalf of and in the interests of our company.

The Code complements the company’s values and contains the key standards of conduct that all employees should be guided by. However, it is not an exhaustive expression of the company’s policy in the field of ethical business conduct and does not cover scenarios of all possible situations. Dealing with issues not reflected in the Code, employees must follow high standards of ethics, honesty and be guided by the fundamentals laid down in the Code itself, as well as the company’s rules and procedures applicable in this situation.

Compliance with the standards and procedures established by the Code and relevant rules is one of the conditions for continuing labor activity in our company.

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Our managers serve as a role model and inspire other employees to comply with high ethical standards, rules and procedures, commit to:

  • Personally demonstrate only ethical behavior;
  • Openly discuss and emphasize the importance of business ethics and integrity;
  • Maintain and strengthen a working environment in which a culture of open communication is encouraged, where everyone can express concerns about possible violations of the code of ethics, internal procedures or policies;
  • Never justify violations of the principles of honesty and law, even if it leads to achieving high financial results;
  • Have zero tolerance to harassment for openly expressing the opinion regarding possible violations of the laws, procedures and policies of the company;
  • If necessary, contact the Compliance and Legal Service to resolve issues that require attention or create risks for the company.


The company creates a corporate environment in which employees are encouraged to express concerns about proper compliance with the principles of business ethics through multiple channels (Compliance Service, Legal Department, HR Department, management, Audit Commission, hotline).

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Retaliation for reporting about potential violations of ethics and internal corporate procedures or for participating in the investigation of a potential violation is strictly prohibited.


We accept reports about violations of our code of ethics not only from employees of our company, but also from our partners, consultants, suppliers.

We register and ensure the investigation of each appeal, if it concerns a possible violation of the code of ethics, laws or internal procedures, policies of the company.

We respect confidentiality and anonymity, if you wish to keep it.

If you doubt – ask, if you are sure – act!

Important! Samruk-Kazyna JSC informs that the Hotline is a channel for informing about alleged violations of legislation and/or the Code of Conduct, cases of fraud, corruption, unauthorized disclosure of confidential and insider information. For issues related to products and services, as well as for official appeals to the management of Samruk-Kazyna JSC and Group of companies, please, contact the customer services and use contacts indicated on the corporate websites of the companies. Complaints about the actions and decisions of the requisitioner, organizer, tender commission, expert commission, operator of the e-procurement information system for companies of Samruk-Kazyna group should be submitted via the procurement web portal in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.