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Company history


  • Start of work on a new R&D direction. Project "Production of hydrophilic colloidal sulfur“
  • Approval of the Development Strategy for 2023-2032
  • Transfer of KLPE to KMG


  • Rebranding - Samruk-Kazyna Ondeu (SKO)
  • Achieving by SSAP of 100% of sulfuric acid production
  • At the end of the year, the indicator LT IF = 0


  • Launch of rotogravure printing on polypropylene bags at Polymer Production


  • Transfer of 90% of the shares of ChemPark Taraz SEZ to state ownership
  • Launch of the CHEM-plus formation complex
  • Launch of a gas turbine power plant (GTPP) and a high-voltage KUS line


  • Acquisition of 48% in KPI Inc.
  • Receiving a license by CHEM-plus for the production and sale of pesticides
  • Approval of the Development Strategy for 2018-2027


  • Receiving the conclusion of the State Expertise on the DED of KPI Inc.


  • Launch of the BOPP line - Polymer Production film
  • Received a loan from the China Development Bank for the construction of the KPI project
  • Acquisition of 50% stake of LG Chem in KLPE


  • Launch of production of polypropylene bags and Polymer Production films
  • Commissioning the sulfuric acid plant SSAP


  • Creation of KUS
  • Acquisition of 25% of ownership interest in KLPE
  • Received funding from the RB for the KUS project


  • Receiving a loan from Sberbank for the purchase of for Polymer Productioequipmentn
  • Creation of Chempark Taraz SEZ


  • The partnership became a memberof KLPE (25%)
  • Acquisition of 51% stake in KPI Inc.
  • Creation of Polymer Production
  • Creation of CHEM-plus


  • Receiving the EDB loan for the SSAP reconstruction
  • Signing the offtake contract for the sale of 180 thousand tons of sulfuric acid by SSAP


  • Identification of UCC LLP as the main operator of the implementation of the State Program of Industrial and Innovative Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2010-2014 (SPIID) in the chemical industry.
  • Signing a contract for the construction of an integrated gas chemical complex in Atyrau region (Phase 1), signing a contract for the sale of finished products for this project


  • Acquired 51% of the shares of the sulfuric acid plant SSAP


  • Establishment of the Partnership