Evaluate the significance of the proposed topics on a 5-point scale, depending on the importance for you in relation to the activities of Samruk-Kazyna Ondeu LLP (SKO) and the degree of influence on evaluation and decision-making when interacting with UCC. (Where: 0 - not important, 1 - low, 2 - below average, 3 - average, 4 - above average, 5 - high importance)
Economic performance (direct economic value created and distributed; government financial assistance) *
Compliance with regulations and requirements (substantial fines (sanctions) for non-compliance with environmental laws and regulations) *
Local content of suppliers in procurement (the share of local suppliers in significant regions of activity) *
Supplier environmental assessment (assessment of the negative environmental impact in the supply chain) *
Anti-corruption (assessment of areas at risk of corruption; information and training on anti-corruption policy) *
Employment (staff turnover; working conditions of employees on a full-time basis, after parental leave) *
Taxation (approach to taxes; management of problems related to taxes) *
Labor and labor relations (compliance with minimum deadlines for notification of operational changes) *
Materials (percentage of recycled/reused materials, scrap and its packaging) *
Workplace safety and health (types of injuries, injury rate, occupational diseases, number of accidents) *
Energy (energy consumption inside and outside the organization; reduction of energy consumption) *
Training and education (advanced training programs; assistance programs for transition to other positions) *
Water and discharges (share and total volume of reusable and reused water; consumption of the total amount of water by quality and purpose. Affected by water discharge and/or current) *
Socio-economic compliance (non-compliance with laws and regulations in the socio-economic sphere) *
Diversity and equal opportunities (diversity of governing bodies by gender; salary level of men and women) *
Waste (waste by type and disposal methods) *
Health and safety of the client (impact on the health and safety of goods and services) *
Emissions (greenhouse gas emissions, intensity and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions; emissions of ozone-depleting substances; emissions into the atmosphere, etc.) *