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Social responsibility

United Chemical Company LLP annually participates in  personnel involvement survey.

Personnel involvement is one of the quality indicators of management in company, readiness of personnel to work effectively to achieve a common business result, personnel loyalty and acceptance of common corporate values of company.

Purpose of involvement survey is to measure annually basic indicators of involvement and assessment of factors influencing this indicator.

Objective of survey is to determine the degree of personnel involvement through integrated index of involvement consisting of three key blocks: working conditions, personnel loyalty to company, interaction and communication.

Career in Company

Employees are the main value

United chemical company LLP provides wıde opportunities to achieve potential and career growth of its employees. Our team is a team of professionals, which implements strategic goal of promotıng development of chemical industry of the country.

Readiness and ability of personnel to work productively, develop and learn is a key to long-term success of United Chemical Company LLP. Therefore, Company pays serious attention to improvement of team professional level. UCC is ready to provide experienced professionals and graduates the best conditions for self-improvement and productıve work. We cooperate with leading Universities of Kazakhstan, in addition, there is a plan to establish modern training center in Atyrau and Taraz with technical equipment in accordance with international standards on retraining and advanced training of production personnel.

United Chemical Company LLP appreciates ​​its specialists and ууе highest international standards in field of social and human resources policy. We pay special attention to social support of employees.

On the 5th of September 2019 SWF Samruk-Kazyna JSC launched a Unified job platform  Samruk Qyzmet. This website is a digital platform for employment, providing opportunities to search for vacancies in the group of companies of the Fund.

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