In preparing this report, we applied the materiality principle of GRI Standards, and also took into account the opinions and expectations of stakeholders. This helped to ensure high-quality disclosure of information.

We consider essential those issues where, firstly, the impact of the Company is great, and secondly, there is a significant impact on stakeholders. The materiality analysis included an internal assessment of the Company’s impact in the economic, environmental and social spheres, as well as assessment of the importance of topics from the point of view of stakeholders, which was presented on the basis of results of interaction with stakeholders (questionnaires, meetings, interviews).

In accordance with the expectations of stakeholders and assessments within the Company, the topics were ranked according to the degree of materiality and plotted on the Materiality Matrix. This annual report discloses the topics that fell into the upper right corner of the Matrix, since they were recognized as the most significant. All topics have an impact both inside and outside the organization.

Materiality Matrix

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