The Development Strategy of Samruk-Kazyna Ondeu LLP (SKO) for 2023-2032 was approved by the decision of the Supervisory Board of SKO of October 28, 2022 in accordance with the Development Strategy of the Sole Participant of SKO – Samruk–Kazyna JSC.

Mission: Development of the chemical industry in the Republic of Kazakhstan through rational and effective investments in chemical projects, as well as formation of advanced competencies.

Vision: The leading manufacturing holding in the Central Asian market for the production of chemical products with high added value.

The strategy will focus on three priorities affecting the entire SKO business:

  1. Operational efficiency;
  2. Diversification of production;
  3. Sustainable development.

The new SCO Development Strategy is aimed at implementing projects for development of low-tonnage and medium-tonnage chemical products in the following main areas of development:

  1. AGROCHEMISTRY - will reduce import dependence on nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, strengthen the country’s food security, create additional jobs;
  2. PETROCHEMISTRY - will provide the country with the necessary basic chemical products to stimulate the development of the chemical industry and further processing, reduce import dependence, create additional jobs;
  3. SPECIAL CHEMISTRY - will ensure the development of the production of high-grade chemical products, reduce import dependence, create additional jobs;

To implement these directions, we will focus on the following:

  • Partnership development. We encourage and promote honesty and openness in building trusting relationships with business partners and declare our readiness to build an open dialogue with all key stakeholders, including, but not limited to, representatives of SMEs, trade unions, associations and public associations, ministries, committees, business representatives, processing enterprises, suppliers of raw materials and technologies, etc.
  • Development of human capital. The main value in the SKO Group of Companies is people, thus, we will continue to invest in the development of new competencies, introduce various mechanisms for the effective transfer of knowledge and experience, to attract and retain talented personnel in order to ensure the further sustainable development of the group.
  • ESG transformation. SKO will make a voluntary contribution to the development of society, including the social, economic and environmental spheres, as well as adhere to high corporate management standards and implement ESG principles in the SKO Group of Companies.
  • R&D development. Innovation and investment in R&D are among the main factors of sustainable growth of the industry. For these purposes, we will build effective relations with the research community, Kazakhstan universities for joint research in the field of chemistry.

Elaboration of the Development Strategy and choice of priority areas was based on a global analysis of the chemical industry, the main conclusions of this analysis can be found here (download pdf file)